Poll Indicates Bad News for Democrats in 2022


The midterm elections will be here in exactly 14 months. That leaves a little over a year until the nation has an opportunity to vote for either more of the same or a serious change.

If Republicans are voted back into the House and Senate, this will be a clear referendum on the failed leadership of the Democrat Party. It is because of Democrats’ leadership that Americans are trapped in Afghanistan and the economy is in shambles.

That’s on top of the other devastating impacts that Biden’s leadership had on energy independence, America’s standing on the international world stage, and more.

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Publicly, Democrats put up a brave face and articulate confidence in winning the midterms next year. However, a newly released CNN survey shows that Democrats have quite a bit to worry about.

CNN’s poll on the 2022 midterm elections

The data from CNN on next year’s forthcoming midterms speaks volumes. Back in October 2020, 54% of Americans stated they’d vote for Democrats in the 2022 midterms; this left another 42% who expressed their willingness to vote for Republicans.

However, fast forward 11 months later and things have changed. The latest CNN poll on the 2022 midterms marks quite a change. Right now, only 45% of voters expressed their willingness to vote for a Democrat; meanwhile, 44% stated their ballot would go towards a Republican.

Over the past almost year, the message is clear. Confidence in Democrats has fallen; meanwhile, confidence in Republicans is rising. It’s more than apparent that the nation is tiring of the failures, excuses, and inadequacies coming from a White House and Congress dominated by the left.

Desperate for more power

At this point in time, the Democrat Party is desperate for more power. They want to completely ice out Republicans, Independents, and anyone else who opposes a radical socialist agenda.

This is why Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices. It’s also why Biden has promised to put pressure onto moderate Democrats in the hopes of getting them on board with “reforming” the Senate filibuster.

The Democrat Party has no limits. They will say and attempt to do anything in order to get their way, consequences be damned. That is dangerous and it has no place in the United States of America.