Polls Show Kemp as Likely to Defeat Abrams in Georgia


Previous polls have likewise shown Kemp leading Abrams on a consistent basis. Abrams, meanwhile, recently landed in hot water over her status on a pro-defund the police board.

Her decision, months ago, to pose maskless with masked-up schoolchildren also didn’t help her cause either.

Major factors impacting Georgia’s gubernatorial race

As Abrams struggles to best Kemp, she’s solicited the help of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. However, both officials have underwater poll numbers in the state of Georgia.

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It turns out many residents of the state don’t take well to out-of-this-world gas prices and a 9.1% inflation rate. Having Biden and Harris stump for Abrams between now and November could actually backfire on the Georgia Democrat.

Meanwhile, Kemp maintains that he’s going to continue to run on his record as governor. This is what he did when facing Perdue during the primary election.

The incumbent governor and his team believe sticking with the same strategy will help him once again beat Abrams in November.