Portugal scene of discovery of largest intact sauropod dinosaur remains in Europe 


The University of Lisbon, Portugal, released a statement Wednesday claiming that its paleontologists, working with teams from Spain, have excavated the skeletal remains of a brachiosaurus sauropod dinosaur.

The dinosaur was found in the Monte Agudo area near the city of Pombal, Portugal. And the excavation work was done with the cooperation and support of the Pombal City Council. 

In 2017, when a local property owner in Pombal, Portugal found fossilized fragments in his yard, initial work at the site started. And it culminated when experts gathered earlier this month to unearth the massive dinosaur. 

Everyone was shocked at how large and intact the remains appeared to be. So far it appears to be the largest intact dinosaur discovered on the European continent.

Elisabete Malafaia, a University of Lisbon researcher, gave a university press release. “It is not usual to find all the ribs of an animal like this, let alone in this position, maintaining their original anatomical position,” she said.