President Trump Affirms Confidence Regarding 2020 Election


Another potential factor is the Russia investigation. For over one year, special counsel Robert Mueller has headed the probe into whether or not Trump (or his campaign) meddled with the Russians in order to ensure the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

The investigation is still ongoing and Trump has not been charged, but many of the president’s critics believe that he and his team colluded with the Russian government in 2016. Furthermore, they remain convinced that Mueller’s investigation will eventually produce evidence of Trump’s guilt.

Trump, his administration, associates and even the Russian government have denied all allegations of collusion. Throughout the probe, the president has referred to Mueller’s investigation as a “witch hunt.” Most of Trump’s supporters have followed suit.

The results of the 2020 election remain to be seen. Democrats remain some of the president’s most outspoken critics; they ultimately hope to regain control of the House and Senate after the upcoming midterm elections and then defeat Trump in 2020.