President Trump and Bernie Sanders Clash Via Twitter Over Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


Many Americans noted the contrast between President Trump and Bernie Sanders’ tweets pertaining to the newly approved Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, as reported by Fox News.

Trump vs. Sanders on GOP Tax Bill

Over the holiday weekend, President Trump tweeted out the following messages after officially signing the $1.5 trillion Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law:

President Trump and other conservatives have lauded the GOP tax bill. Noting the multiple tax reductions provided to multiple families, supporters of the bill affirm that middle class families will benefit from the new legislation. However, not all Americans share this point of view.

Critics of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have slammed the bill as wasteful and harmful to middle America. They furthermore assert that the only beneficiaries of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are wealthy Americans and large corporations. Bernie Sanders opined these viewpoints in the following tweets:

However, after Sanders’ critical post, President Trump tweeted about his accomplishments since his time in office:

Sanders then proceeded to express what he views as better uses $1.5 trillion could be dedicated towards before warning Republicans to “worry very much” about 2018:

However, President Trump appears to have an optimistic outlook for how Republicans will fare in 2018:

Controversy Regarding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Perceptions of the GOP tax bill appear to heavily align with political affiliation and partisanship. From the moment of its inception, Democrats have alleged that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is no good. However, Republicans have repeatedly countered this claim.

Americans have also criticized Sanders for his remarks on tax reform and 2018. Readers of Fox News did not hold back in the comments section of the report:

Bernie = open borders, free for illegals- healthcare, food stamps, tuition, anything else he can think of. BYE BYE SANDERS FOREVER. I thought he died, is that his ghost???

The Hillary consortium gave Bernie a lesson in socialism. They took votes he’d earned and gave them to Hellary. Hey Bernie: FEEL THE BERN/BURN!

Did Bernie not sell his soul to the devil, oops I meant Hillary, why do we even care of his opinion after that? He tries to act as though he is a middle class working guy, far from it I would say.