President Trump Calls Out Democrats for Southern Border Migrant Deaths


Earlier this afternoon, President Donald Trump directly called out Democrats via Twitter. More specifically, the president professed that Democrats are fully responsible for the deaths of any migrants which may occur at the United States Southern Border.

An Overview of the President’s Tweets

President Trump posted the following tweets regarding migrant deaths at the border:

The above tweets come as the government shutdown remains ongoing. The most recent closure of the government occurred after President Trump and Democratic leaders failed to reach common ground on border security. Furthermore, the government shutdown is highly likely to carry into the New Year.

A Closer Look at Migrant Deaths at the Southern Border

Americans recently learned of the passing of a young migrant girl. For quite some time, various reports alleged that Border Patrol agents bore responsibility for the girl’s tragic passing. Later, the girl’s father came out and stated that a lack of water and nourishment served as the true culprits.