President Trump Compares Wall at Obamas’ Home to U.S. Border Wall


On Sunday, President Donald Trump drew a comparison between the wall at the Obamas’ mansion and his promised border wall for the nation.

A Closer Look at the President’s Correlation

The commander-in-chief made the aforementioned comparison via Twitter. His statements read as follows:

Furthermore, it’s important to report that President Trump is not the first source to take note of the wall which the Obamas have around their home. Roughly one year ago, TMZ announced that the former president purchased a wall to shield his living accommodations. The tabloid news site even claimed that former President Obama “[took] a cue from Donald Trump.”

Building the Wall

The president’s remarks about the Obamas’ wall comes as he is currently working to get his own wall built at the U.S. Southern border. Despite the wall serving as one of his critical campaign promises, building it is proving to be a challenging feat.