Self Driving Cars to Deliver Groceries

Photo from Kroger Newsroom

Arizonian’s now have unmanned delivery cars to bring groceries straight to their front doors. Kroger, along with digital company Nuro, have announced automated robot deliveries in the Grand Canyon State.

For five months the companies have used a fleet of self driving Prius delivery cars, with drivers in the front seat for safety purposes. Now the companies are ditching the safety driver and going completely autonomous with full self driving cars.

“Nuro envisions a world without errands, where everything is on-demand and can be delivered affordably. Operating a delivery service using our custom unmanned vehicles is an important first step toward that goal,” explained Nuro President and co-founder Dave Ferguson.

Since August, the deliver fleets have completed more than 1,000 orders. However, this new age delivery option is only available in Scottsdale for the time being.

In a press release Kroger’s Cheif Digital Officer says making shopping easier is something every family needs.

“Kroger customers are looking for new, convenient ways to feed their families and purchase the products they need quickly through services like pickup and delivery,” said Yael Cosset, Kroger’s chief digital officer. “Our autonomous delivery pilot with Nuro over the past few months continues to prove the benefit of the flexible and reliable technology. Through this exciting and innovative partnership, we are delivering a great customer experience and advancing Kroger’s commitment to redefine the grocery experience by creating an ecosystem that offers our customers anything, anytime, and anywhere.”

If you live in the Scottsdale area, you can order your groceries to be delivered on Right now this is the only grocery store offering automated, self driving deliveries. You can order food for same day, or next delivery seven days a week. There is no minimum order amount, and you will charged a flat fee of $5.95.

Another great feature about this delivery option is because there is no driver, there is no need for a tip.