President Trump Gives Patriotic Statement Following Shooting of Steve Scalise


Earlier this morning, America was horrified to learn that Congressman Steve Scalise was shot during a baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia earlier today. Following this horrific occurrence, President Trump delivered a uplifting speech at the White House to ease the tension and update the people of this nation about the manner in which Scalise’s shooting was being handled. Additionally, this nation learned of James Hodgkinson’s death which was engendered during his apprehension. Throughout the speech, the President praised Steve Scalise, calling him a “patriot” and alerting everyone that he is now in stable condition.

Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip Representative of Louisiana, was shot by Hodgkinson with an M-4 assault rifle. Four other people were shot as well, but thankfully, intervention from Scalise’s security detail halted additional tragedies. Further investigations into Hodgkinson revealed some very interesting facts and a backstory into who he was. For starters, he has an established pattern of violence. In 2006, he was taken into custody for discharge of a firearm and domestic battery. Additionally, he has also been accused of punching a man’s girlfriend in the face, striking his own daughter, and roughly pulling her hair. On social media, Hodgkinson blasted Republicans as “racist and sexist” and affirmed his support for Senator Bernie Sanders. On May 22, Hodgkinson slammed Mr. Trump as a “traitor” and signed a petition to have the President and Vice President removed from office for treason.