President Trump Pardons Irve Lewis “Scooter” Libby


Earlier today, President Trump made headlines after formally pardoning Irve Lewis “Scooter” Libby, reports The Hill.

A Full Overview of the Pardoning of Lewis Libby

Libby, a former official under the George W. Bush administration once faced a formal declaration of guilt in the case of revealing the identity of Valerie Plame, a then CIA officer. The successful charges brought against Libby consisted of obstruction of justice and perjury. However, after today, President Trump has essentially wiped the slate clean for Libby.

The President’s pardon comes after a 2015 testimony in which a key witness retracted her official statements which contributed to Libby’s conviction. Furthermore, the former official recovered ownership of his law license after the presentation of “credible evidence” to substantiate his innocence.

Finally, President Trump released an official statement, earlier today, regarding his decision to pardon Libby. Key excerpts read as follows:

I don’t know Mr. Libby, but for years I have heard that he [was] treated unfairly. Hopefully, this full pardon will help rectify a very sad portion of his life.

Reactions to the Pardoning of Lewis Libby

Like many moves made by President Trump, his pardoning of Libby engendered backlash from the former’s critics. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement hours ago:

This pardon sends a troubling signal to the President’s allies that obstructing justice will be rewarded. The suggestion that those who lie under oath may be rewarded with pardons poses a threat to the integrity of the special counsel investigation, and to our democracy.

Pelosi furthermore went on to share her thoughts on the President, his “allies,” and “the law:”

President Trump’s pardon of Scooter Libby makes clear his contempt for the rule of law. Neither the President or his allies are above the law.

Libby has faced 24 months of probation, 400 hours of community service, coupled with a fine of one-quarter of a million dollars, according to an earlier statement released by the White House.

Many Americans in favor of Libby’s pardoning argue that the former official has more than paid his debt to society. Others believe that the evidence against Libby is circumstantial at best due to previously stated reasons.