President Trump: Pelosi’s “Crumbs” Resembles Clinton’s “Deplorables”


During the 2016 Presidential election, Clinton somewhat backtracked from her remarks, alleging that the “basket of deplorables” only applied to certain members of her-then opponent’s base. However, many Americans didn’t buy it. Trump supporters, therefore, began coining the “deplorable” label as a source of pride for backing the then-future President in spite of liberal backlash.

Similarly, Pelosi has attempted to justify her assertions of thousands of dollars of bonuses equating to “crumbs.” The House Minority Leader opined that Republicans are simply “taking her comments out of context.” Furthermore, she alleged that wealthier Americans are the greatest beneficiaries of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

What Do Americans Think of the Parallel Between “Crumbs” and “Deplorables” Remarks?

Various readers of The Hill weighed in with their own opinions regarding the “crumbs” and deplorables” statements.

Many criticized what they view as Democratic inaction to better the lives of the American people. Other readers also expressed agreement with President Trump’s assertion: