President Trump Responds to Kirsten Gillibrand’s Calls For His Resignation


Earlier this morning, President Trump fired back at Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who called for his resignation, as reported by Fox News.

Everything You Need to Know Regarding POTUS’ and Gillibrand’s Remarks

Following the return of various women accusing President Trump of sexual misconduct, Gillibrand called for his resignation. The Democratic Senator also encouraged the now disgraced Al Franken to resign from Congress after the surfacing of sexual assault allegations and photographic evidence.

However, President Trump did not appreciate Gillibrand’s calls for him to resign from office. Shortly after 8:00 AM, the President posted the following tweet about Gillibrand:

Exactly 50 minutes later, Gillibrand responded with the hereinafter reply:

Allegations, Resignations, and Controversies Regarding Sexual Assault

The continuous stream of sexual assault allegations against male public figures has shocked the nation. In addition to birthing the #MeToo movement, Americans everywhere are discussing sexual assault. In past weeks, Speaker Ryan announced his moves to implement training designed to discourage Congressional leaders from committing sexual assault.