President Trump’s Business Success with Foreign Nations Causes Scrutiny


A company owned by the Chinese government agreed to build a theme park in Indonesia. It will include Trump condos and a hotel. The deal will, of course, benefit the company owned by President Donald Trump.

This week, a company from Indonesia confirmed that they hired the subsidiary of Metallurgical Corporation of China to construct a theme park outside of Jakarta. The owner of the property made a deal three years ago for the construction. It included a Trump hotel, 400 condos and luxury villas, and a golf course.

Trump’s Involvement Could Be a Problem?

Even though the companies made their deals before his election, experts say that it still can cause some problems for the President. It’s possible that the President could face violations linked to the Constitution. Laurence Tribe, a Harvard Law professor, said that the agreement will surely benefit the organization that Trump represents, and also Trump himself. He also stated that it is not relevant if the benefit didn’t come directly from China but through the Indonesian company.