Trump’s Candidates Win Primaries in Pennsylvania and Nebraska

Deb Fischer

President Trump backed two Senate nominees in Nebraska and Pennsylvania. These states were among the four states that held primary elections on Tuesday.

Three months ago, a court fight in Pennsylvania ended with redrawn districts. The primary election started amid the chaos. Rick Saccone, a Republican, lost for the second time in two months in two U.S. House districts.

President’s Favorites for the Win

President Trump’s favored candidates, Deb Fischer in Nebraska and Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania, won their Senate primary elections.

A congressman, Lou Barletta, was favored much more than Jim Christina (R). His next challenge will be to unseat senator Bob Casey (D). Casey is looking to win his third term in office this November.

Barletta was a Trump supporter even before Trump’s presidential nomination. The President will visit Pennsylvania to campaign for Barletta. He also asked him to run for Senate. Trump made phone calls last weekend in which he backed Barletta proudly, fully, and strongly.