Did Private Label Nutraceuticals go out of business?


According to reviews on the BBB and PissedConsumer, Private Label Nutraceuticals CEO Bjarte Rene appears to have folded up shop and shut the business down.

The website has been down for over 1 month and consumers are complaining that their money has allegedly been stolen across multiple websites.  Also, the number listed on a recent version of the Private Label Nutra website prior to going offline is disconnected.

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Complaints about Private Label Nutra on the Atlanta BBB site remain unanswered:

Private Label Nutraceuticals and its sister company MaritzMayer Laboratories was sued in a class action lawsuit alleging it falsely advertised and misrepresented the ingredients for a number of the dietary supplements it manufactures.

“In reality, the Products’ ingredients have never been scientifically substantiated as being able to support appetite control or inhibit fat production, and certainly not to the extent claimed by Defendant,” Calucci alleges in the second amended Garcinia Cambogia class action lawsuit.

“Defendants’ statements about the Products’ efficacy are false and misleading, and Defendant can point to no scientific evidence to support its unfounded claims,” the Garcinia Cambogia class action lawsuit continues. “In reality, the scientific studies and meta-analyses of available studies regarding the ingredients in the Products, show results contrary to Defendants’ claims.”

Additionally there has been another class action lawsuit filed against Private Label Nutra alleging violations of Fair Labor Standars act.


The plaintiff in this case, who worked for the defendant until December 2016 as a call center sales worker, claims she and similarly situated workers were wrongly classified as exempt from overtime pay. The lawsuit claims the defendant paid its sales representatives with commissions and bonuses instead of proper time-and-a-half overtime wages.

The Dr. Oz show had previously published a series of videos on Private Label Nutra decrying that the ingredients in its supplements are not as advertised.

For more info, visit https://www.doctoroz.com/episode/dr-oz-investigates-online-scams-using-his-name-dupe-you.

While it is possible that the Private Label Nutraceuticals website is down for over a month due to some type of coding error and the reviews on the BBB site are unanswered, it appears highly unlikely.

The USA Herald contacted founder and CEO Bjarte Rene for comment but did not receive a response.