Progressive Insurance Agent Timothy Woltman Finds Loopholes To Deny Coverage To The Little People


Progressive Insurance touts itself as “one of the best insurance” companies that is trusted by millions of people.   Based on the experiences of many drivers insured by Progressive, along with the conduct of Agent Timothy Woltman, it certainly appears that Progressive is one of the worst insurance companies a driver could choose.

Timothy Woltman of Progressive Insurance, Philadelphia Division

Imagine you were a Progressive customer for the past 3 years and had never had a car accident, speeding ticket, not even a parking ticket.    One day you hear a commercial for Door Dash Delivery, a low paying service that lets drivers drop off groceries and fast food.

You decide to try Door Dash Delivery out.   Your first customer orders a burrito and nachos from a local store.

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After picking up the delivery you start driving down the road to the customers home.   You come to a complete stop, look both ways, and then BOOM!   A car going well over twice the speed limit runs into you.  You black out.