Progressive Insurance Agent Timothy Woltman Finds Loopholes To Deny Coverage To The Little People


Progressive Insurance touts itself as “one of the best insurance” companies that is trusted by millions of people.   Based on the experiences of many drivers insured by Progressive, along with the conduct of Agent Timothy Woltman, it certainly appears that Progressive is one of the worst insurance companies a driver could choose.

Timothy Woltman of Progressive Insurance, Philadelphia Division

Imagine you were a Progressive customer for the past 3 years and had never had a car accident, speeding ticket, not even a parking ticket.    One day you hear a commercial for Door Dash Delivery, a low paying service that lets drivers drop off groceries and fast food.

You decide to try Door Dash Delivery out.   Your first customer orders a burrito and nachos from a local store.

After picking up the delivery you start driving down the road to the customers home.   You come to a complete stop, look both ways, and then BOOM!   A car going well over twice the speed limit runs into you.  You black out.

Moments later you come to.   You call the police and report the accident immediately.  Your vehicle is towed and decared a total loss.

Then a friendly agent from Progressive calls, promises you that everything will be ok, and asks some very non-chalant questions…questions designed to elicit any possible way to deny your coverage…but you don’t know that.   You tell Progressive that you tried Door Dash Delivery for the first time ever and that another driver slammed into you going over twice the speed limit.

The rep tells you, “oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.    Unfortunately we are going to deny your coverage because even though the accident isn’t your fault, there is a clause that enables us to deny you as a Progressive Policy holder because you were driving for Door Dash Delivery…and even though records indicate this is the very first time you have ever driven for Door Dash Delivery and were delivering a $8 burrito, we are still going to deny your coverage because, well, we can!”

Meet Mary Goodman (real name protected), the young lady with the perfect driving record that Progressive Agent Timothy Woltman worked tirelessly to find a loophole to deny her coverage.   Ms. Goodman received a concussion from her vehicle accident, but to add insult to an injury, because she was driving on Door Dash Delivery for her first time ever, Progressive agent Woltman denied her coverage.

Now this struggling young intern has a totalled vehicle, a concussion, medical bills, and $9k owed to pay off her totalled vehicle.

When the USA Herald spoke with Ms. Goodman she advised us that she was never notified by Progressive that she would have to adjust her policy for the Door Dash Delivery service.   In fact, it was until recent history that Door Dash started offering its services in Philadelphia, which is where Ms. Goodman is from.

Progressive declined to comment on this story.    In the end, Ms. Goodman, a safe driver that was wrecklessly struck by a speeding driver, could not rely on Progressive Insurance when she needed them most.    Buyer beware.