Proponent of Initiative to Divide California into Three States Cleared to Collect Signatures


The proponent of a new initiative to divide California into three separate states will now be able to start collecting petition signatures.

In a press release, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla confirmed that the measure received clearance for circulation.

According to Padilla, Attorney General Xavier Becerra prepared the legal title and summary of the initiative. The official title of the measure reads, “Division of California into Three States, Initiative Statutes.”

The summary indicates that the measure is about dividing California into three states, subject to the approval of the Congress.

Upon approval, the Legislature will divide California’s assets and liabilities between the new states. If the Legislature fails to act within twelve months , the debts will be divided based on population. The new states will own the assets within their boundaries.

Additionally,  the state government’s existing tax collections and spending will stop assuming voters, courts, and the federal government approve the initiative. The new states will make decisions regarding their budget and taxes.

Venture capitalist Timothy Draper wants to divide California

The proponent of the initiative is Timothy Draper, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. In 2014, he also proposed the unsuccessful measure to divide California into six states.

According to Padilla, Draper needs to collect the signatures of 365,880 voters in order for his initiative to appear in the ballot. He has 180 days to distribute petitions for the measure. He needs to submit the signatures to county election officials on April 23, 2018.

Map of the Proposed Initiave to Divide CA into Three

Draper believes that three smaller government can serve all Californians better while preserving the historical boundaries of cities, towns, and counties.

In an interview with KGO, political analyst Steven Maviglio commented that Drapers initiative is disruptive. Creating three new governments and legislatures will disrupt everything we have including the higher education systems.

Maviglio added, “I think diversity is what makes California great and this would actually ruin it.”