Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying


Some concerned parents take protection too far and stop access to all devices. This makes children feel angry and persecuted. It affects open communication with them and often makes it more likely for them to rebel and go online outside of the home.


Steps to take when parents find out they are being bullied

If kids are being bullied, it is important for parents to reassure them that they are victims and are in no way to blame for what has happened.  One action that can be taken is to block the bully and most devices have settings that allow this.

If parents find out that a child is being bullied, they need to report it to the appropriate authorities, whether this is the school, the police or the mobile company. These authorities will need proof. If bullying is happening through more devious methods such as the use of a fake profile, a licensed private investigator may be approached to assemble the required proof.

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John DeMarr
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