Protect yourself from five common CashApp scams


Scammers have set up fake support numbers. When users call, they believe they are talking to a CashApp representative. In reality, they are speaking to a scammer whom they reached through a fake online posting.

While the scammer pretends to be helping fix an issue with the app, they will try to trick the caller into giving them their login information. If they are successful the con artist will inevitably steal the money from their victim’s CashApp account. 

In other cases, the scammer will try to sell bogus software through CashApp. Sometimes they trick their victims into sending them money or even installing malware on the CashApp user’s smartphone.

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While posing as a customer or tech support, these bad actors try to get the unsuspecting consumer to do “test” transactions, download software, or give them “remote access.” 

CashApp has “Verified Cash Support” which can be reached in-app, or by going online to Don’t trust online phone numbers claiming to be Cash Support. Please note that there are currently no phone numbers that you can call to speak with Cash Support.