Public Support for Impeaching Trump Continues to Plummet


As 2019 comes to an end, the impeachment process and the inherent controversy and politics around it continue to dominate. Americans with all different political leanings have their thoughts and viewpoints on what’s appropriate.

Where Democrats and Republicans Stand on Impeachment

As it stands, the vast majority of Democrats are in favor of impeachment; moreover, the Democrats believe Republicans are intentionally running interference for the sake of shielding the president.

Republicans, on the other hand, remain staunchly opposed to impeachment. Conservatives and other members of the GOP furthermore maintain that Democrats are simply trying to boot Trump out of office because they dislike him. It’s also important to note that the left’s talk about impeachment began in 2017; this doesn’t really help their case now.

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As Democrats and Republicans duke it out in Congress, the thoughts of the American people are also of interest. A new poll by NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist shows that more Americans are against impeachment than for it.

Where the American People Stand on Impeachment

At this time, 48% of Americans oppose impeachment; conversely, 47% favor removing the president from office. While the support for impeaching Trump has remained relatively the same, opposition continues to mount. This indicates that more and more people question the merits or sincerity of House Democrats’ impeachment articles and proceedings.