Putin appoints another brutal commander in the Ukraine War 


Hours after the explosion on Kerch Bridge, Moscow announced a new leader of its “special operation” in Ukraine. General Sergei Surovikin, a former head of the Russian Aerospace Forces and a veteran military officer is known as a brutal commander.

Putin released the news on Sunday. In what may be a public relations move. The new commander will be tasked with shutting down Ukraine’s so far, successful counter-offensive.

Fighting continues in Ukraine. And it has moved to some areas that have been claimed by Russia since 2014.

Prior to the Kerch Bridge bombing commanders of two of Russia’s five military regions were fired. The reshuffling of military brass is in response to the Ukraine counteroffensive which has erased Moscow’s military gains. 

The Kerch bridge strike was intended to mock Putin. And the bombing came the day after his 70th birthday. 

Brutal commander replaces the “Butcher”

Surovikin  is being touted as the first overall battlefield commander. But Army General Alexander Dvornikov had a similar role.