Putin names new commander in Ukraine: The Butcher of Syria in charge



As the Russians moved east Russians sent deadly missiles into a train station where Ukrainians were fleeing the country. Dvornikov is said to be responsible for another “civilian only” bombing. And the remnants of a Russian missile were found with the words “for the children” painted on the side.

Maxar Technologies released satellite images of a Russian convoy “at least eight miles long.” And it consisted of hundreds of armored vehicles, including trucks with towed artillery, and support equipment.

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On the way east Ukrainian Armed Forces claim Russian troops were strategically bombing the town of Izyum.  

The Butcher of Syria

Dvornikov, 60, was the initial commander of Russia’s “operations” in Syria in September 2015 to December 2016. Putin sent troops there to back the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

He is said to have earned the nickname “The Butcher of Syria” in the siege of Aleppo. During his command the Russian military laid siege to rebel-held eastern Aleppo. And they bombarded densely populated neighborhoods.