Putin’s Attacks on Ukraine Lead to Questions Regarding His Mental Health


For almost the past week, the behavior of Russian despot Vladimir Putin has raised international concerns.

Towards the end of February, Putin unleashed soldiers, missiles, airstrikes, and a series of other attacks against Ukraine. The Russian dictator believes Ukraine belongs to him and is therefore willing to take it, no matter how much innocent blood he has to shed in the process.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has gained international accolades for holding his ground. The world admires Zelenskyy for standing with the women and men of his country to fight back against Russia.

Zelenskyy’s commitment to his nation is so great that he turned down an evacuation offer from the American government. The Ukrainian president made it clear what he needed was “more ammo,” rather than a free ride to safety.

Meanwhile, multiple reports claim that Putin is seething with rage. Apparently, the Russia tyrant thought taking over Ukraine would come easily; however, this clearly is not going how Putin expected.