RaeLynn, Operation Underground Railroad Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking


RaeLynn’s It’s Happening Right Here was also featured in OUR’s November documentary. For those who did not get to see it in theaters last year, It’s Happening Right Here will be available for renting or buying beginning on Tuesday, January 31.

Join the fight against human trafficking

Each person can play a role in the fight against human trafficking. Some great ways to join the fight are as follows:

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  • Spreading the word about human trafficking on social media
  • Donating, volunteering with, and/or purchasing from reputable anti-human trafficking organizations
  • Talking with your family, children, and loved ones about the tactics of traffickers
  • Encouraging safe social media practices, especially for children
  • Researching and sharing the warning signs of human trafficking

Knowledge, information, and open discussions are some of the greatest defenses against human traffickers. In fact, many traffickers rely on the people they target not having the tools necessary to defend themselves or recognize they’re in the line of fire.