Reigniting the Federal Workforce: Bringing Employees Back to their Empty Office Spaces


In a bid to restore normalcy in the federal workforce and curb the perceived misuse of telework privileges, lawmakers are pushing for a return to pre-pandemic office routines.

The spotlight shines on the “SHOWUP Act,” a legislative initiative that has gained momentum in Congress. It is designed to bring federal employees back to their now-empty offices. 

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Telework Controversies and Empty Office Spaces

Reports of federal employees conducting official business from unconventional locations such as bubble baths, golf courses, and happy hours have raised concerns among policymakers.

 It appears that a significant portion of the workforce remains working remotely. And more than 75 percent of available office space at 17 federal agencies sits vacant, as per the Government Accountability Office’s findings.

The SHOWUP Act, officially known as the Stopping Home Office Work’s Unproductive Problems Act, mandates that federal agencies return to their pre-pandemic office configurations.