Republican Jeff Flake Writes Check To Doug Jones

PC: Pixabay

Hours ago, many Americans learned that Republican Jeff Flake has written a check to Democratic Alabama Senate hopeful Doug Jones, as reported by CNN.

Everything You Need To Know About The Check Flake Wrote To Jones

On Tuesday afternoon, Jeff Flake tweeted out the following image of a $100 check written to Democrat Doug Jones:

Flake’s support for Doug Jones comes after a plethora of allegations of sexual misconduct against Roy Moore, Jones’ Republican opponent. Not everyone is convinced of Moore’s innocence. While the Alabama Republican Senate candidate claims the accusations are politically motivated, certain conservatives don’t think so.

Republicans like Mitt Romney have come out against Moore and furthermore stated that Moore’s victory would serve as a “stain” on the GOP and the nation.

How Does America Feel About Flake’s Check To Jones?

Many Americans expressed great displeasure regarding Flake’s check to Jones. The majority of Flake’s critics believe Moore is innocent. The timing of the accusations against the Alabama Senate candidate have come into question also. Many Moore supporters believe Democrats will stoop to any means to discredit Republicans. Therefore, his $100 check to Jones attracted strong criticism.