Republicans Express Willingness to Support Bill to Ban Bump stocks


The bill has 24 co-sponsors including Senators Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Richard Blumenthal, Elizabeth Warren among others.

In a statement, Feinstein said, “The only reason to fire so many rounds so fast is to kill large numbers of people. No one should be able to easily and cheaply modify legal weapons into what are essentially machine guns.”

Cong. Curbelo to introduce bipartisan bill to ban bump stocks

In the House, Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo is drafting a bipartisan bill to prohibit bump stocks following the deadly Las Vegas shooting.

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Joanna Rodriguez, the spokeswoman for Curbelo said the Florida congressman plans to introduce his legislation in a day or two.

Fellow Republican Cong. Bill Flores of Texas called for a ban on bump stocks. Flores is a gun owner and a former chairman of the Republican Study Committee. Flores said ordinary gun owners should not own any device that transforms a semi-automatic firearm into “something that behaves like an automatic.”

On Monday, Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona urged the Congress to take action on gun violence and keep America safer. On the same day, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked Speaker Paul Ryan to create a select committee on gun violence.