Republicans Are Furious With Congress Over Gridlock In Washington…


Over a period of years, Americans have consistently expressed their discontent with the gridlock that occurs far too often in Washington DC. However, according to reports from the Boston Globe, the continuation of said gridlock, even with Republicans in complete control of the government, has engendered outrage from conservatives. However, their ire is directed towards members of Congress, not President Trump.

As one nursing educator stated, “Shut up. Get on board. And let’s give President Trump the benefit of the doubt. It takes a while.

This American makes a very valid point. Enacting effective change and undoing eight years worth of failed policies takes a considerable amount of time and it is not all going to happen within a matter of months. Unfortunately, the situation becomes even more arduous when silly infighting and egos halt advancements in Congress. At some point, American leaders are going to have to compromise on certain issues to ensure the prosperity of this nation’s people.

The mounting tension indicates the beginning of bigger problems for the Republican Party. Throughout the 2016 Presidential election, the GOP vowed to fix the plethora of problems associated with roads, healthcare, taxes, and much more. Now that election season has passed, all the people who voted President Trump into office are understandably waiting to see the results which were promised to them. The infighting within Congress is not engendering any progress whatsoever. This first term is critical. Its fruitfulness, or lack thereof, could have a significant impact on the 2020 election, should President Trump decide to run for a second term, which he most likely will.

Everyone I know looks at trying to get Obamacare repealed and says, ‘If we’re making this much of a pig’s breakfast out of that, what are we going to do with tax reform?’ We’ve dreamed of killing Obamacare for seven years. And we have the House, the Senate, and the presidency, and we can’t do it,” admonished GOP chairman Ryan Frederick.

Frederick’s concerns are well founded. Obamacare could very well be the policy that either makes or breaks the Republican Party for years to come. Premiums are rising, Americans can no longer can afford it, and Republicans spent years declaring their plans to immediately repeal and replace the heathcare bill when President Obama left office. So far, that has yet to happen and many people in this nation are still suffering as a tragic result.

If there is any hope for the future success of the Republican Party, they will have to unite very soon and start delivering the plethora of promised changes to the American people.


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