Republicans Launch New Pro-Voter ID Ad


Later, Everson denounced the debunked and racist notion that black people somehow cannot obtain IDs. The RNC official stated that the real reason Democrats oppose voter ID laws is because they stop cheating in elections. Everson ultimately conveyed the message that conservatives won’t back down from upholding voter ID laws and otherwise maintaining election security.

False accusations of racism from Democrats

The political left would very much love to dominate the narrative surrounding voter ID and other election rules in the nation. President Biden and others continue to perpetuate the false narrative that any attempt to uphold election integrity is rooted in racism.

However, the Austin, Texas ad from the GOP sends a very clear message. It shows that Republicans will not stand for bullying; it furthermore speaks truth to power about the reality of voter ID and other election laws here in America.

There’s an element of irony to Democrats’ opposition against voter ID, though. Many of the same folks opposing voter ID have no issue with mandatory vaccine passports. This is an irony that many conservatives throughout the nation have drawn attention to.