Rideshare Companies Walk Back Mask Mandates


On Monday, Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle nullified the Biden-backed CDC mask mandate for public transportation. The Florida judge ruled that the mandate was illegal and the CDC didn’t properly justify its extension.

Once this took place, airlines and airports began announcing that masks were optional, rather than mandatory.

Across social media platforms, viral images and videos spread of travelers happily taking off their masks in airports and on airplanes.

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Many people expressed joy with the mandate’s demise and a readiness to move past masking. On Tuesday, rideshare companies Lyft and Uber joined airlines in walking back mask mandates.

The end of mask mandates effective immediately

Lyft and Uber each put out statements, noting that masks are now optional, rather than mandatory. Riders and drivers who wish to forgo masks are now allowed to do so, without fear of deactivation from the platforms.

Both rideshare companies also noted that any riders or drivers who prefer to wear masks even without the mandate remain welcome to do so.

On social media, numerous Americans responded positively to the update. As it turns out, people are more than ready to free themselves of masks. Altogether, overall fatigue has risen regarding these orders and mandates being imposed on the public.

For many people in the United States today, enough is enough.

Pushback from the Biden administration

The White House is not at all content with the overturn of its CDC mask mandate for travel.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Justice Department announced it would move forward with an appeal of the ruling if the CDC advises for the mandate to return.

Needless to say, this is a very unpopular move. With mask mandates lifted within airports, airplanes, rideshare companies, and other venues, the last thing anyone wants is a return to these mandates.

Even before Judge Mizelle’s Monday verdict, airlines called for the Biden administration to take down the mandate.

Assuming the White House does go through with an appeal, considerable amounts of people are hoping the appeal falls flat.

Earlier this year, Biden tried to fight opposition against his vaccine mandate for large businesses; yet, the Supreme Court ultimately overturned this mandate.