Rise of AI Leads to Growing Reports of False Positives


Artificial intelligence (AI) is quite the hot topic these days. Many folks have mixed thoughts about AI and whether or not it will generate a net positive or net negative impact on society.

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With the rise of programs like Alexa, ChatGPT, and more, there’s no denying that AI is already having significant effects on how people live, work, and move through the world.

In the fields of work and education though, AI is not always seen as a desirable tool. In fact, there are countermeasures that exist to detect when humans employ AI for various tasks, such as writing content.

However, as AI grows in society, so are reports of false positives.

Breaking down false positives concerning AI

In a nutshell, false positives with AI typically happen when an AI detector flags content written by a human being as being generated by AI. This may sound strange; however, there are more and more reports of this materializing.

On Reddit and other platforms, countless people report the papers or documents they write are getting flagged as AI-generated. Likewise, copywriters, content writers, and others in similar fields continue running into this issue with clients.