RNC Chairwoman Puts Biden on Blast Over COVID Vaccine Mandates


McDaniel later divulged into the negative impacts that Biden’s mandate is having on the country and businesses. The Michigan Republican explained that the president is purposefully pitting vaccinated Americans against unvaccinated Americans.

Biden did this when he raged against the unvaccinated and professed that “patience” with unvaccinated individuals is waning. Moreover, the president’s COVID vaccine mandate forced upon businesses follows a rough year and a half for these establishments.

Shutdowns, capacity restrictions, and coerced closures from the government each hurt businesses across the country. Some of these businesses went under for good; however, the ones that are still standing are not quite out of the woods just yet.

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Finally, McDaniel called out President Biden for cowardly faulting the American people for his own failures since January 20.

A showdown in the courts

In response to criticism from Republicans and conservatives, Biden said days ago that folks opposed to his COVID vaccine mandate and therefore warning of legal action should “have at it.”