RNC Chairwoman Puts Biden on Blast Over COVID Vaccine Mandates


Exactly seven days, President Biden announced a series of sweeping and unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandates.

The president declared that businesses across the United States with over 100 workers have to get them vaccinated against COVID or implement mandatory COVID testing each week.

Biden also announced that he’ll be using OSHA as a weapon to implement this mandate. Businesses that refuse, according to Biden, are subject to fines to the tune of $14,000 per offense.

24 states have vowed to sue Biden over this. Furthermore, the Republican National Committee maintains that if the president implements this mandate, they will sue Biden as well. Very recently, RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel released an op-ed regarding the reality of the president’s illegal mandate.

McDaniel on Biden’s illegal COVID vaccine mandate

The RNC chairwoman kicked off her op-ed with a reminder that Biden and his aides once promised Americans they wouldn’t enact mandatory COVID vaccines. This, of course, was a lie from the president and his White House.