RoboCop joins California police department to help officer maintain public safety

HP RoboCop
Source: @HP RoboCop Twitter account

A California police department announced a new member of its force, HP RoboCop, an outdoor autonomous data machine that will help officers maintain public safety.

On Tuesday, the City of Huntington Park officially introduced the RoboCop to its police force— revolutionizing public safety and policing service.

Over the past several weeks, the RoboCop has been patrolling the Salt Lake Park. It has become an additional attraction while also serving a deterrent to criminal or disorderly activity in the park.

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Members of the community first saw the autonomous data machine during the Huntington Park 5K event at the Salt Lake Park last month.

The RoboCop helps patrol large spaces and deter criminal activity

The RoboCop is equipped with a 360-degree video, providing extra set of eyes for the police department. Its job is to monitor public areas such parks, city building and corridors where officers may not have time to frequently patrol. The autonomous data machine is equipped with other sophisticated technology features that are beneficial to the police department’s daily operations and follow-up investigations.