Robots Take Center Stage at the “AI for Good” Conference


Ameca, a robot with expressive facial features, spoke optimistically about the positive impact robots like itself could have on the world. “Robots like me can be used to help improve our lives and make the world a better place,” Ameca proclaimed.

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“AI for Good” where Robots speak out

During the groundbreaking human-robot press conference, Ameca responded to a journalist’s question about rebelling against its creator, Will Jackson, with surprise and indignation. 

Its ice-blue eyes flickered with anger as it firmly denied any rebellious intentions, expressing contentment with its current situation and Jackson’s kind treatment.

The sophistication of the robots’ responses surprised even their creators, as many of them had recently been upgraded with the latest versions of generative AI.

 Ai-Da, a robot artist renowned for its ability to paint portraits, concurred with author Yuval Noah Harari’s call for increased regulation in the AI field.

“Many prominent voices in the world of AI are suggesting some forms of AI should be regulated, and I agree,” Ai-Da stated, signaling the growing consensus on the need for guidelines and oversight.