Robots Take Center Stage at the “AI for Good” Conference


At the highly anticipated “AI for Good” conference in Geneva, an impressive lineup of nine humanoid robots captivated the audience. And the AI Summit shed light on the potential of these advanced machines to address global challenges.

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The organizers presented their case for artificial intelligence (AI), with over 40 United Nations partners participating. There were discussions on how the fusion of AI and robotics could revolutionize the future.

 The gathering aimed to showcase the power of AI and the robots it empowers, emphasizing their role in tackling significant issues such as disease and hunger. 

The robots themselves were vocal about their intentions. And they claim to be eager to contribute to humanity without displacing human workers or causing any harm. 

Grace, a medical robot dressed in a blue nurse’s uniform, confidently asserted, “I will be working alongside humans to provide assistance and support and will not be replacing any existing jobs.” Her creator, Ben Goertzel from SingularityNET, chimed in, backing up Grace’s statement.