Romania Turns Down Andrew Tate’s Latest Pleas For Bail


Romania stressed that Tate could settle in nations without extradition. The authorities likewise informed that the accused human trafficker has demonstrated a propensity for targeting vulnerable victims.

A representative for Tate expressed hours ago that he had “high hopes” of getting out of lockup. Tomorrow, on Wednesday, March 15, Tristan Tate (Andrew’s younger brother) will also appear before the Bucharest court to seek bail.

The younger Tate, like his older sibling, previously appealed for his freedom multiple times, only for a judge to turn it down. All things considered, it appears that Tristan will face the same resounding no that Andrew did.

Of course, only time will tell.

More to come

Aside from Tristan Tate’s upcoming court appearance, Andrew Tate’s representative confirmed he will appeal today’s rejection of his bail request. However, since Tate’s apprehension in Romania, not a single appeal he’s made has panned out.

As March 29 gets closer, DIICOT may soon ask a judge to extend the time that both Tate brothers spend in detention.