Hacks of Medical Data Threaten Americans’ Private Information


Various threats pertaining to cybersecurity pose potentially devastating consequences for the targets of these attacks. Businesses, customers of businesses, and other parties have quite a bit to lose when unsavory characters are able to get access to information they have no business with.

Unfortunately, there is an apparent uptick in cybersecurity problems and various hacks. One major phone service provider, T-Mobile, for instance, has reported being the victim of numerous hacks that left some sensitive information of their customers vulnerable.

Now, medical institutions, such as hospitals, are also warning they’re on the receiving end of different cybersecurity attacks. It goes without saying that this doesn’t bode well for privacy or other rights to which Americans remain entitled.

Breach of sensitive information held by hospitals

Most cybercriminals are ultimately in their chosen business for the sake of the money. Therefore, these crooks habitually seek to access information that is of value, which is why hospitals are finding themselves targeted.