Rudy Giuliani Loses New York Law License


The ripple effects of the 2020 presidential election are far from over. Recent polling from this month alone has shown that more than three out of ten people in America believe that voter fraud got Biden elected. Only 61% of Americans currently hold the view that Biden rightfully won the 2020 White House race.

At this point, it is unlikely that anyone will change their views on the outcome of the 2020 presidential race; however, certain people are still facing penalties for their rhetoric regarding the presidential race. Multiple social media platforms banned former President Trump, claiming that his talk about 2020 election posed threats to public safety.

On Thursday, Americans learned that former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani lost his license to practice law in New York, due to his comments about the most recent presidential election.

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A closer look at New York’s ruling against Giuliani

Yesterday, an Appellate Division court in New York determined that Giuliani delivered “demonstrably false” remarks about the 2020 presidential election; the New York court asserted that Giuliani’s “demonstrably false” claims occurred before the public and in court. The five justices moreover came to the conclusion that Giuliani prioritized his own personal agenda over the reality about the presidential election.

New York’s ruling therefore says that Giuliani may not practice law. The suspension of the former New York City mayor’s law license shall maintain at least until additional proceedings play out. The court also made clear that there’s a strong likelihood of the current suspension lasting permanently.

The statement from lawyers representing Giuliani

On Thursday, attorneys representing Giuliani criticized the ruling from the Appellate Division court in New York. In a statement made jointly, they refuted the court’s claim that Giuliani’s statements about the 2020 presidential election put “public interest” at risk.

Giuliani himself also argued that legal probes into his statements breach free speech rights; however, the New York court saw matters very differently and didn’t hesitate to make this known.

Former President Trump issued a statement yesterday as well. Trump branded the “radical left” as moving beyond their bounds; Trump also very clearly stated that Giuliani’s law license suspension should be overturned.