Rumors Surge of Possible Mike Pence Presidential Run


The 2024 presidential election is not as far away as it may appear. While the next presidential election itself won’t happen until 2024, campaigns for the White House will begin in 2023, months after the 2022 midterms.

There are many Americans who are eager to get President Biden out of office. On one front after the other, his entire presidency has been a nightmare. Biden’s failed Americans on foreign policy, immigration, jobs, and more.

At this point, however, there is no telling who the Republican Party will nominate to challenge the current president in the next election. However, rumors are already surging about former Vice President Mike Pence considering a presidential run.

President Pence?

Since departing from the White House as vice president, Pence has been busy. The former vice president started a podcast designed to promote conservative values; he’s also aligned himself with conservative organizations, such as Heritage Foundation and Young America’s Foundation.

As Biden continues to put the United States through the wringer, Pence is calling him out accordingly. The former vice president slammed the current president for his stances on critical race theory, the disastrous southern border, and more.