Texas Prepares for New Migrant Arrivals at U.S.-Mexico Border


President Biden and his administration have not done right by the American people. When Biden became president, he spoke about healing divisions and bringing the citizens of the nation together.

However, with Biden’s words, policies, and attacks on Republicans and unvaccinated Americans, he’s only sown division. Meanwhile, as GOP members urge Biden to do his job, he is only looking to shove more socialist bills into law via Congress.

The southern border is in a catastrophic condition, due to the bad decisions of Biden. On January 19, the last full day of former President Trump’s term, the border was in order. Then, when Biden became president, he immediately went to work on dismantling law and order regarding immigration.

Since the federal government won’t do its job and get the border under control, red states are having to step in accordingly. This week, the country learned Texas is prepared as new hoards of migrants make their way to the southern border.

Updates from the Texas governor

On Saturday, Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott explained the current status of the Lone Star State as it works to secure the border. Per Abbott’s announcement, the Texas National Guard remains stationed at the border accordingly.