Russia withdraws from Kharkiv amid Russian losses


It has been widely reported that the Russian army is withdrawing from the Kharkiv region. This marks another setback similar to Russian forces retreating from Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv in April. And Ukraine continues to update data regarding Russian losses.

Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second-largest city. And it is also the location of a large military base.

UK officials cited an “inability to capture key Ukrainian cities” and “heavy losses” as the reason for the withdrawal of Russian forces.

As well as destroying Russian military equipment, Ukraine is working to refurbish a number of tanks that are being made operational to be used against the invaders.

This week most of the Russian losses took place on the Sloviansk and Bakhmutsky fronts.

Each time Russian forces retreat from areas numbers of civilian deaths are being reported. When the military is not having success defeating Ukraine military, they seem to be taking it out on the civilian population. And unarmed civilians are dying.