Russian purge? Oligarch dies in mysterious fall


In September the chairman of oil giant Lukoil, Ravil Maganov, 67, apparently fell from a 6th-floor hospital window in Moscow. According to TASS ”He was [getting treated] in the hospital after a heart attack.”

Most of the deaths have appeared to look like suicide. Several have died in what looks like murder-suicides along with their wives and children. 

Dan Rapoport, a New York-based writer and another Putin critic, also had a puzzling end. He fell out of his penthouse window. It was reported on Telegram that he died by suicide.

Rapoport’s dog was found in a park, with a suicide note and a large amount of cash. His widow, Alena Rapoport, continues to claim her husband was murdered.

Businessman and politician

The millionaire businessman also had a seat on the legislative assembly in Vladimir.  Vyacheslav Kartukhin, deputy chairman of the assembly called the death a set of “tragic circumstances”.

Pavel Antov co-founded the Vladimir Standard meat processing plant in the city of Vladimir, east of Moscow. In 2019 his fortune was estimated at $140m (£118m). And that put him near the top of Russia’s rich list of civil servants.