Russian purge? Oligarch dies in mysterious fall


Experts are insisting that the many mysterious deaths of oligarchs and Putin critics are beginning to look like a Russian purge. In Russia, New York, London, and now India many who have spoken out against February’s invasion of Ukraine have died.

Just last week 2 oligarchs on a business trip died. 

Pavel Antov, 65, the Russia-based sausage king was killed at a hotel in India in a puzzling fall from the window in his room. And another business associate died of a reported stroke just two days before Antov died.

Superintendent Vivekananda Sharma of the Odisha Indian police said Mr. Budanov suffered a stroke while his friend “was depressed after his death and he too died”. 

The Russian consul spokesman, Alexei Idamkin, told Tass news that police did not find any “criminal element in these tragic events”.

Russian purge suspected

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th. And that’s when the Russian oligarch class started dying off. Apparently, they are becoming suicidal, accident-prone, and homicidal at an alarming rate.