Sanders Hits the Press for “Bernie Blackout”


As the 2020 presidential election plays out, Democrat candidates are having different experiences. Some are rising in the polls, while others tread water and struggle to remain afloat. Certain 2020 Democrats are having issues raising funds, whereas others are barely being covered in the news at all.

Of the candidates having issues with the media, the most outspoken one of all is 2020 Democrat Bernie Sanders. Per an email from Sanders’ campaign manager to his supporters, the 2020 Democrat believes that the press is intentionally censoring good news which pertains to his “grassroots” movement.

The specific term which the Sanders campaign uses is called the “Bernie Blackout.”

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What You Need to Know About the Bernie Blackout and Sanders’ Concerns

The concerns of the Sanders campaign are quite simple. Faiz Shakir, Sanders’ campaign manager, noted what the Bernie Blackout entails when communicating with supporters of the candidate.

In a nutshell, the Bernie Blackout involves the purposeful ignorance of Sanders rising in polls or beating out opponents. Moreover, Shakir told Sanders’ supporters that when the candidate drops in polls, the media is all over it.