Ilhan Omar Promotes Arrests of GOP Congressmembers


The ongoing impeachment inquiry continues to further significantly deep, partisan divides. Republicans and Democrats harbor very different views on the impeachment inquiry, its motives, and the merits (or lack thereof) associated with removing President Trump from office.

Democrats claim that they have what it takes to impeach the president; this is in spite of multiple failed votes in the House and denials of any quid-pro-quo from both Trump and the Ukraine leader.

Republicans, on the other hand, view the impeachment inquiry as wasteful and driven strictly by partisanship. Democrats’ ongoing attempts to impeach Trump from the moment he arrived into office have only fueled the GOP’s perception of impeachment.

Why Omar Favors the Arrest of GOP Lawmakers

On Wednesday, Democrats convened in order to hold a hearing about the Trump impeachment inquiry. During this hearing, Republican congressmembers barged in through the closed doors, something which the Democrats didn’t see coming at all. Despite censure from the left-wing, certain people cheered the GOP, stating that they did the right thing.