Sanders Wants to Tax Stocks, Bonds to Erase Student Loan Debt


For quite some time now, the plight of massive student loan debt has made headlines and generated stress for many young Americans. However, 2020 Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders has a solution for this issue.

The solution which Sanders has introduced is virtually guaranteed to engender controversy. However, the presidential candidate is set to issue an announcement later today, with the aid of congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Reviewing Sanders’ Plan to Eliminate Student Loan Debt

Sanders’ plan to do away with student loan debt is quite simple; he maintains that taxing Wallstreet is the answer. The specific taxes which Sanders has in mind involves a 0.5% hit on stocks and 0.1% on bonds.

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Over the course of one decade, the aforementioned taxes would generate over $2 trillion dollars. This two trillion would then cover the existing $1.6 trillion dollars in present student loan debt. Additionally, Sanders aims to remove all tuition fees for community colleges, trade schools, and public universities.