Science Update: Time Crystals to revolutionize communications


Scientists have found a way to amplify light waves using time crystals. And this is a breakthrough that could revolutionize the communications industry. 

These newly discovered microparticles, photonic time crystals, operate in a dimension where atoms change in a set pattern over time.

An April research paper published in Science Advances describes how sub-atomic crystals can make wireless communications more efficient.

Time crystals breakthrough 

The quest to create time crystals began in 2012 when physicist Frank Wilczek proposed their existence. Since then, researchers have conducted experiments that demonstrate atoms behaving in ways that prove Wilczek’s theories. 

In 2016, teams of physicists from the University of Maryland and Harvard University successfully demonstrated subatomic behaviors using entangled particles set into periodic motion with lasers.

In 2021, a new group of researchers developed the specialized crystals differently. They used a quantum computer from Google.

Gabriel Perdue, a researcher at Fermilab in Chicago focuses on high-end particle physics. And he explains that “The ability to simulate the rules…becomes so much harder” with traditional computers.

Quantum physics 

The scientists announced a breakthrough in the form of photonic time crystals that amplify light passing through them. These time crystals manipulate quantum particles, each with a spin direction.