Tomorrow Biostasis: Reversing Death


Imagine a world where death is not the end. A Berlin-based startup called Tomorrow Biostasis is striving to make this a reality. The company, founded by Emil Kendziorra, focuses on human cryopreservation in the hopes of eventually reversing death.

The company has already preserved 10 human bodies for training purposes. It uses liquid nitrogen to ensure cryopreservation.

With a waiting list in the hundreds and bodies already preserved in a lab, Tomorrow Biostasis is pushing the boundaries of science and technology. And the goal is to unlock the secrets of life extension. 

The concept of cryopreservation is intriguing, but significant challenges remain before the dream of reversing death becomes a reality.

Tomorrow Biostasis new concepts

The new firm is making waves in the field of cryopreservation.

The company is attempting to respond immediately to the death of a person and preserve their body or brain in the hopes of treating and reversing the original cause of death in the future. 

The typical clientele of Tomorrow Biostasis is on average 36 years old. And they tend to work in the tech industry.