Ghosted (2023) Takes Viewers on a Fun Trip Around the World


Ghosted, the much anticipated romantic comedy starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans is now available for streaming on Apple TV+. The film arrived just yesterday; however, the internet is already talking about it.

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On social media, viewers are weighing in with their thoughts about the performances of both leading actors, the storyline, MCU cameos, and more.

A breakdown of Ghosted

Ghosted runs for almost two hours, centering around the love story of Sadie (portrayed by Ana de Armas) and Cole (Chris Evans).

Both main characters meet when Sadie goes to buy a plant from an outdoor stand where Cole works. After getting into a brief argument, the two end up going on a long date and having a great time together.

However, Ghosted takes a turn when Sadie ghosts Cole, who follows her to London in a grand romantic gesture. Eventually, viewers learn of Sadie’s work as a CIA agent on an international mission, hence her ghosting Cole after their first date.

The second and third acts of the film take both love interests on global adventures where they have to keep top-secret intel from falling into dangerous hands. By the time Ghosted wraps up, viewers have gotten to see a happy ending for Sadie and Cole, along with some fun cameos from the MCU.

More on Ghosted

Fans of action movies and romantic comedies have a strong likelihood of enjoying Ghosted. The movie may also carry a high appeal for MCU fans, especially given the multiple actors who have cameos during the almost two-hour run.